Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mock Up...

This Mock up is very quirky which is a style i wish to achieve however, it's too difficult too understand. It needs to have a quicker recognition. With the countryside in mind, I wanted to use some wildlife. Ted Baker decided to become a global brand whilst fishing, with this in mind, I felt a Kingfisher would be appropriate. I need to experiment further here, an all white paper Kingfisher is perhaps not recognised as a KIngfisher. Also, I want to include heavily patterned wall paper, traditional Victorian english style, country house style. The juxtaposition of inside and outside could be something fun to play with.


I've been thinking of an innovative way to decorate the window and decided that i want to continue with paper. I love working in this way and with this brief can hopefully push it to new levels. Above are some examples of inspirational paper artists that can help me with my practice (Sue Blackwell, Swoon)

"In an English Country Garden..."

As part of my research, I visited Kew Gardens. A fantastic day!! Over 300 acres, Green houses with 1000's of species of flowers and a fascinating botanical illustration exhibition...

Ted Baker

Competition Brief: Devise a campaign for the launch of Ted Baker's Autumn/Winter collections, that makes use of our store windows as it's primary vehicle.
Capture the irreverently British Humour of Ted Baker.
Propose in-store materials that continue the theme- fun give aways are particularly important.

Having Researched Ted Baker, the link I make to it's irreverently British style, is traditional British countryside. Being a country girl myself, I guess I'm biased when i say there's nothing better! Muddy wellies, tea and scones, beautiful scenery and animals. I want to create a Window that captures the essence of the countryside and traditional Britishness.

The images below are inspirations and describe countryside style perfectly.

"Smash The Control Machine"

For this project, we we're given a selection of quotes to choose from. With My chosen Quote, "Smash the Control Machine", Taken from William S. Burroughs' Poetry, I wanted to communicate Burroughs' concept of humans being machines. We take in everything around (our environment) process it, and distribute it in different ways (our actions). Taking this concept further, I thought about how we can actually know that everything around us is the truth? I decided to look at the truth in beauty, concentrating on the power the media has, reproducing images to unrecognisable extents. I took a typical magazine image and combined it with mechanical patterns, challenging contemporary depictions of beauty.